Finding MREs For Sale

Originally designed for the military, Meals ready to eat or MREs as they are more commonly referred to, are the ideal self-contained meal. They come in a package that is lightweight and easy to heat. All you have to do is add the required amount of water and then activate the heat pack to heat your meal.

Within minutes, you’ll have a hearty and healthy meal all ready. It will be hot and edible and have the calories that are required to help nourish your body. They vary in caloric count depending on the brand that you buy and the specific meal that you purchase.

The United States military designed these for troops who were overseas or in combat situations so that they could have a healthy and hearty meal regardless of where they were. They made sure that our troops had a healthy meal regardless of what was going on around them.

One advantage of MREs for sale is that they’re lightweight and portable and easy to transport, pack and carry. They’re also easy to store and you can store a lot of them in a small space. Ideal for campers and backpackers they are easy to take on your camping trip or hiking trip.

Just recently available to Civilians, MREs are expensive and can really add up if you’re trying to stock up. We’ve found a few great ways for you to save on your MREs so that you can stock up.

If you’re looking for MREs for your emergency food stash and supply, you’ll want to find them on sale so that you can really stock up and ensure that you have a good supply for emergencies. There are many easy ways to find them on sale and you’ll be able to save a lot of money when you buy them this way.

Start by looking online where you normally buy your MREs. There are often deals such as “buy one get one” or freebies for every so many that you buy. Don’t forget that you can go in with friends or others to buy more for a lower cost and then save a lot of money as well.

By using these methods you may be able to save a lot of money on your MREs and be able to stock up for your emergency food supply. Whether you’re a doomsday prepper or you’re just trying to stock up in case of a power outage, you’re sure to appreciate the savings.

Often, people who enjoy camping and backpacking want to stock up on MREs as well. They too can benefit from such methods of saving. These aren’t the only methods, however, there are still some more methods to use to stock up on MREs at a reasonable price.

MREs are the ideal meal as they are shelf ready and more nutritious than fast food. Many places sell MREs however, you’ll want to avoid buying them from online auction sites unless you can clearly see the date that they were packaged as many online auction sites are selling old military rations that may have been around for as long as 25 years.

The date that you want to watch for is the production date. This is the date that the meal was packaged up for sale. While they may be shelf stable for as long as 20 years, wouldn’t you prefer a meal that was prepared just last year over one that was prepared 18 years ago?

Clearly, the fresher the MRE, the better it’s going to taste. Always keep this in mind when you’re purchasing your MREs. Some big box stores are also starting to carry MREs so you can find them right in your local shops and know if they are fresh.

Another great place to find them is to use their specific websites. Here you can often request samples (you’ll pay shipping) and find out what you do and don’t like. While this isn’t going to get you more than a few MREs for just shipping, you’ll have a few to try and see how you like them.

Once you’ve tried the samples, many companies will help you to find great deals, all you have to do is sign up for their newsletters and watch for the kind that you prefer to go on sale. The newsletter will come out on a monthly basis and you can order after you’ve read what is on sale.

If you make it a habit to only order what is on sale, it may take awhile, but eventually, you’ll have a good supply of MREs to eat and enjoy with your family in any emergency situation.

Some companies will also sell half cases or individual packages. If you’re a single person, this may be a less costly route to go to get your food supply stocked up. Perhaps you know others who wish to stock up, but feel that they can’t afford it.

Go in with a few different families and order a case per family, then you can mix and match the kinds that you like so that no one is stuck with an entire case of the same meals for emergencies. Remember too, ordering by the case is far less expensive than ordering individual meals ready to eat.

Not all MREs are created equal. Some companies are just naturally better than others. Be sure that you sample meals ready to eat from a few different companies before you begin to order large amounts of MREs.

There are many brands to select from including military MREs that are released to the general population via military surplus stores and other similar venues. Again, when going to surplus stores, be sure to check the production dates on the food packages that you’re purchasing. The more recent the production date, the better the MRE is going to taste.

Finding MREs for sale will take some time, but you’ll find that by checking back with your favorite vendors often you’re going to find the best deals. Buy what you like when it’s on sale and then wait for the other kinds that you like to come on sale.

By purchasing your MREs in this fashion you’re sure to find something on sale nearly every month. Just like shopping for groceries, MREs can take some plotting out to buy and get the best deals.

Also, if you buy your MREs in larger quantities, you’ll often find that the company will give you steep discounts on your purchases. If you’re a part of a co-op or group that want to stock up on their emergency food supplies, you can work together and buy in larger quantities and then divide them up among the group.

This will help you to save a lot of money on your purchases. By working together you’ll find that you can save a lot of money if you buy them in such large quantities. Some companies will even sell them by the pallet which can translate to a much lower price per MRE.

Many online outlets or portals offer great discounts on MREs and other emergency supplies. You can sign up for newsletters for these sites and watch for sales as well.

Don’t forget to watch for deals on shipping, many companies will offer free shipping if you order over a certain amount. Always read the fine print on websites, especially the online outlets or portals that have deals on shipping.

Deals on shipping can really save you a lot of money if you buy large enough quantities. Mix and match these deals to save yourself a lot of money. Focus on ways to save and remember to budget your MREs into your grocery budget each month for your emergency food supplies.

Do an online search before you buy your MREs. Type in your favorite brand and search for coupons or deals online. Get in the habit of doing this each time you shop so that you’ll be able to stock up on the best deals.

Remember that you always want to use a reliable and trusted store and avoid stores that you may have had bad experiences with in the past. Focus on checking before you buy each and every time to ensure that you’re saving as much as possible.

Watch for coupons and check online coupon sites before you buy too. Sometimes there are deals online with coupon sites that will offer you such things as free shipping or free bonus meals etc. with your order.

The more deals and freebies you can come up with, the more you’re going to be able to save on your order. Some sites will have a monthly deal and advertise what will be on sale next month. Watch for these as well so that you can stock up and save a lot of money.

mre meals Don’t be afraid to ask a company (online or a brick and mortar store) if they know when the MREs will be on sale. Often a salesperson will know that next week a specific kind will be on sale and let you in on the secret. This is a great way for you to save and stock up on your favorite meals as well.

By focusing on the above methods, you can find a variety of ways to save a lot of money on your MREs. Don’t forget damaged packaging as well. If you’re in a brick and mortar store and see damaged packaging, ask for a discount, often the store manager will give you a steep discount because the packaging is damaged, however, this doesn’t mean that the contents of the package are sub par. As long as the package is still sealed, you should still have a quality product, even if it is dented or smashed up a bit.

Follow prepper websites and boards and read the forums. Often you’ll run across deals here as well. It may be a huge promotional that is touting the latest MRE meals, or it may be someone that has inadvertently overstocked their food supply and wants to thin it down. It may also be someone that has too much of one type of food and is seeking to vary their diet. Regardless, you can find some great deals on these sites as well.

Participate in the forums and get to know the others on there, these people may be able to help you to find deals and sales on your favorite brands and flavors of MREs. It’s well worth the time you put into such sites if you just spend half an hour or so per day on them to get to know the other participants and find some great deals.

Most people plan to spend about $6 to $12 per MRE. Average out the cost of sales, case purchasing and half case purchasing and other deals to strive for this price per MRE.

Often by setting your budget, you’ll find that you can really save more when you buy in bulk. Average the cost per meal out and focus on strategizing to save as much as possible on your MREs.

Patience is often the key to finding the best deals on MREs. By waiting for your favorites to go on sale, you’re sure to find the best deals. It can take a few months to find your favorites on sale but if you’re willing to wait, you can usually find the best deals by simply listing out what you like and then waiting for those specific kinds to go on sale.

In this fashion, you can stock up your food supply and focus on what really matters, saving money and feeding your family in an emergency situation that you have no control over. From unexpected job losses to cataclysmic events, you’re sure to appreciate how much MREs can save you and your family when you stock up your food supply. Be willing to wait out the sales and you’ll find your favorites do indeed go on sale eventually.