danielDaniel Lewis – Black Water

Daniel Lewis is expert coaches, full-time students of life, an admirer of the human spirit and have been acknowledged by numerous online and offline magazines as one of the most popular individual advancement blog sites. Through his blog (Black Water), book, course and training, he has invested the past few years in discussing and teaching tested approaches for creating long lasting joy, success, love and peace.

The objective of this blog site is to provide you the tools to recognize and change the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck. Presently the website includes over hundreds of posts on joy, performance, psychological knowledge, relationships, and basic self-improvement. And it has brought in over thousands page views and thousands of visitors from its start.

Daniel shares a fantastic enthusiasm for motivating others to live to their max capacity. He started his blog with the objective of stimulating as many individuals as possible. And he works passionately every day to meet this goal through the ideas and concepts he shares online.